SoundBees on KunstRadio

Soundbees, anywhere & everywhere is the title of the audio piece by AnneMarie Maes and Billy Bultheel, created for Kunstradio – Radiokunst, a weekly radio art program on the cultural channel Österreich 1 of the ORF – Austrian National Public Broadcaster.
Following the exhibition Fields (Riga, 2014), we were asked by Armin Medosh to contribute to a series on Wild Ontologies (see below).

AnneMarie Maes and Billy Bultheel started from the 8-channel field recordings made in the broodnest of the experimental Warré-beehive set-up (see drawing).
The sound-behaviour of the bee colony was recorded from june 10 2014 and the sound-experiment is still ongoing. For the Kunstradio piece, the artists started to work with the recordings from the longest day / shortest night (24 hours of the 21st of june 2014) and edited them into a 15 minutes-piece on which some processing was done with max msp, using 2 additional sound sources located at the entry of the beehive.

The beehive recordings pan over the spectrum of a day (from midnight to midnight). As a compositional principle different ideas around swarm formation were investigated.
The increase and decrease of swarm activity in the hive and its influence on its sound, became a guideline for the transformation of the recordings. Hereby using natural phenomena as musical tools and in retrospect, using musical tools as an artistic rendition or analysis for natural phenomena.
The audio work tries to embody the bee swarm while simultaneously intersecting the swarm with swirling electronic sound clusters.
The work exists both as a Stereo and as an 8 channel audio work.

The exhibition Fields showed works by artists, agriculturalists, designers, technologists and scientists that are truly transdisciplinary and blur the boundaries between different disciplines or fields in a very profound way, and on top are of a socially transformative character. These works now find continuation through on- and offline projects. This broadcast series entitled ‘Kunst Fields’ presents work by 6 artists who participated in the show and a 7th work by curator Armin Medosch. This work called Wild Ontologies looks at creatively making taxonomies as a performative practice.
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