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TIK festival : the RAW and the COOKED

In the context of the TIK festival (Time Inventors’ Kabinet) we host a round table THE RAW AND THE COOKED on urban agriculture and other bottom up solutions for future cities. What is the commitment of the people behind these ecological projects and communities?

Diverse topics will be discussed :
urban voids, open source, DIY, appropriation of space, guerilla gardening, water, food sovereignty, GMO, information, sharing of knowledge, bio diversity, (city) ecology, community building, urban planning, urban agriculture, the food chain between the city and the countryside, bio-corridors, … and many more — and what art has to do with all these initiatives.

The ‘format’ for the round table discussions goes as follows:
Setting : we start at 3pm, we will share around the long table at the meeting-place of the festival center @ okno. During the presentations, we will serve homemade snacks and drinks.
To open the discussion, we will ask all the brussels organisations to present their projects in a very short, condensed way. We ask you to focus on one specific quality of the project, an element that is very important for you in the process of realisation.

the “Brussel’s “projects are:
– barbara van dyck / field liberation (on food sovereignty)
– jeroen verhoeven / bral (on guerilla gardening)
– stephane Kampelmann / centre d’ecologie urbaine (on awaress raising and information)
– sofie van bruystegem / citymind (on water)
– trudo engels and loes / nadine (on vertical gardening and other strange solutions)
– filippo dattola / potager-toit (on community gardens and community building)
– aurelie de smet / urban planner (on urban voids and appropriation by the citizens)

After a short break, we will ask the TIK artists to comment on the above presentations. TIK memebers represent art/social organisations working around similar topics as the presented ones.
We ask following people to comment on your presentations, to start the discussion.
To the people below: please comment on 1 quality that struck you the most in the presentations, and tell us why. How do you do it? differently? the same way? why?

comments by:
– verena kuni (Goethe University Frankfurt) ecology, bio diversity, time, art
– kyd campbell (berlin), eco-artist DIY
– lenka dolanova (praag) eco-curator, beekeeper
– lorena lozana (Gijon, Spain – ecolab laboral) biologist and artist
– reni hofmueller (graz, austria) gestettnerin and eco-artist, satellite specialist
– stefan (ljubljana, slovenia) architect, artist with DIY electronics and community gardens
– ralf schreiber (koln) eco electronics artist
– christian faubel (koln) neural networks specialist, inspired by robo-kids
– stefanie wuschitz (miss balthazar) eco-artist en DIY
and of course the whole OKNO-crew, and especially Annemie, Guy en Luea.


microgarden – installation on a different soil

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Microgarden installation in the exhibition ‘On a different Soil’
Time Inventors’ Kabinet presentation, Praha – november 2011.

article : traveling through OpenGreens

A pertinent question in the OpenGreens research is: Can artists make translations between biology, entomology and technology?
Don’t expect a balanced answer to this issue. This topic is a source for a long debate, one that has to be conducted collaboratively among the larger group of Time Inventors. Our shared work can become a common investigation into time relations within biological and circumstantial ecologies, through the lens of aesthetics. A preliminary end point could be the process unveilings, talks and artworks at the TIK final presentation in May 2012.

Download the full article here: Traveling through OpenGreens.

More stories from the OpenGreens here : more stories from the OpenGreens

vitr – wind recordings in kravin, czech republic

Saturday october 29th we were recording the artist-wind-instruments-band in the surrounding fields of Kravin, Hranice. The band is one of the four marching bands that perform a composition determined by the wind. The project VITR (by Givan Bela) will be introduced during the eco-conference #05 in Praha, and will be presented as an installation during the final TIK festival in Brussels, may 2012.

leonardo windclock

Version 2 of the windclock describes the OpenGreen rooftop garden in the center of Brussels. The wind-values, registrated by the photosensor, are linked to the description of the plants in the rooftop garden. The stronger the wind blows, the more present the plantnames are – expressed in fontsize.
The overall movie gets a voice-over by the bees of the garden: they comment on their foraging area and add another layer to the wind movie.
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the bee monitoring workshop 3+4/2

A workshop in which we try to understand the distributed intelligence of social insects (here a bee colony) : their behaviour, ecology and sociobiology. By monitoring the bees and beehives with all kinds of sensors, we study the colony as a community. We will document this research with all kind of media (photo, film, audio, text, code) and we will use the extracted data to make artworks based upon the bees behaviour over time. We try to connect nature and technology in a new relationship of interconnections.

IMG_1037 IMG_1044 IMG_1053 3ddrawing bees2
IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1103 Screenshot-6
IMG_1103 IMG_1108 IMG_1104 IMG_1120 IMG_1121
IMG_1131 IMG_1130 sensor_frame_v2.2 sensors_frame_updated Truncated_rhombic_dodecahedron2

To schedule our research and for purposes of documentation, we devide the work into 4 parts, which all will have their pages on the wiki where participants can add information:
1. The Theory + Reading List
2. The new BeeHives
3. The Data Harvesting (Technology)
4. The Artworks and Projects
You can find all info here:

writing TIKS

creative writing on collective basis, korcula seen in slow motion:
Location: croatia, korcula, grey area
Keywords: windclock, workshop, time inventors’ kabinet, TIK, screwing

Closeup of a hand making a bolt spin along a rod of metal. Glimpses of the transparent construction it is a part of. Hand screwing a nut on a tige, inside studio/workshop.
A black screen is followed by some compression errors in the video. Then we see a hand screwing down a nut on a rod, first with the index and middel fingers, then with support of the thumb. In the background we see a piece of clothing on a chair. Light falls in from the left. The nut descends into a clear plastic object, a WindClock in construction. The hand secures the nut. We hear people in a room, objects being moved.
We hear a dialogue:
Guy:“Great idea ????”
Barb:“Who had this great idea?”
Barb laughs.
Guy: “I know it sounds radical, to ?? data from the server”.
Barb laughs.
Ralf talks, unintelligible, a metal object falls.
Nut is screwing down.

    * here comes my code

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OpenGreens – GreenGlossary

the Green Studies reader – from Romanticism to Ecocriticism
edited by Laurence Coupe, Routledge – 2000

tik – kravín : windclocks and Open Greens

TIK is een samenwerkingsproject rond ecologie en media kunst, en belicht het subversieve karakter daarvan. Gedurende 2 jaar wordt gewerkt aan het realizeren van een serie windklokken en een tijds-server, met de bedoeling een andere sensitiviteit ten aanzien van tijd te belichten. Het project bevat een belangrijk luik artistiek onderzoek naar de ecologische achtergronden en mogelijkheden, via workshops rond de constructie van de windmolens en -klokken, internet tijds-protocols, relevante visualizering en sonificatie. Daaruit volgen collectieve creatieve werken zoals genetwerkte installaties en webkunst, live radio sessies, performances en tentoonstellingen. Een tweede luik, het zgn. “open green”, houdt zich specifiek bezig met het exploreren van de mogelijkheden van nieuwe ecologische plekken om deze werken te brengen: tuinen in de stad, op daken en vensterbanken, of op oude industriele en agrarische sites, in de publieke ruimte. Via conferenties, presentaties en publicaties, maar ook met een groeiende online documentatie, wordt het project kritisch geannoteerd, en voor een groter publiek toegankelijk gemaakt. Het resultaat moet een creatieve benadering tonen, van hoe anders om te gaan met de tijd, vanuit een andere esthetiek, gebaseerd op wind. Een andere ruimte. Een andere tijd.

Workshopweek/ letny dielne in Hranicé/ Kravín. An old farm with a beautiful stable for workshops and residencies in the middle of the Czech Republic countryside. This is the first TIK-stop to start windclockbuilding and to dive into the Open Green research. Soon the bees and beekeepers will be involved too.

TIK – summer workshops in Kravín – cz

The Summer Workshops Kravín take place in a rural environment, at the edge of the small village Hranice u Malce, in the Vysocina region of the Czech Republic.
The dates – August 24 – 29. (Closing party on Saturday 28th).
The activities will twist around the several main themes: beekeeping / wind clocks / radio art / + agri-kultura.

In the beekeeping workshop, Annemie Maes will talk about new artistic approaches towards beekeeping and her experiences with the citz beehives. The apiarists from Vysocina from the Czech Beekeepers Union (Cesky svaz vcelaru – see will talk about their experiences. We plan to visit the nearby beekeeping educational center in Nasavrky village, with the arboretum ( Hopefuly some of the numerous local beekeepers will also come.

With Gert Aertsen, Marcio Domingues, Hannes Hoelzl, Gívan Belá, Michal Kindernay and others you can invent ecological time with wind clocks in an open air workshop. The idea is to construct a series of simple wind mills – clocks in the surroundings of Kravín.
Amplion: together with Czech artist Johana Svarcova you can work on a radio play, which will hopefully go on air in the village radios.

In the evenings, we plan to have discussions, screenings, concerts, artistic presentations within an agri-cultural context. Also Diafilm Sound Robots by Barbara Huber, a selection of Hungarian movies curated by Livia Roszas, Kravin movie by Viola Jezkova, concert by the band from Brno, Hugo a Zoe. And the local country Bago band for the opening.

More information here: