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thoughts – jasna dimitrovska

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skype-interview with Jasna Dimitrovska, as part of the Politics of Change project.
streaming movie — 11:07   // free art license CIK.

Hi, my name is Jasna. I studied World literature in Skopje. I’m Macedonian, In my free time I’m a street artists and an activist.
I like to think of myself as an engaged artist, that’s why I choose the street as my exhibiting space.
I think art and technology and activism are all interconnected, so I like to realize my goals with whatever tool I can use, no borders!

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PoC – okno/brussels – 18.19.20-12-2008

Politics of Change is a research project in which artists, theorists and activists reflect on innovative ideas, contributions and solutions which support distributed and grassroot structures. This reflection takes place through a program of free discussion and dialogue and is documented in a multimedia archive-installation.

The focus is on the role of women at the core of these communities.
Drawing on a wide range of artistic and theoretical approaches, the aim is to imagine new and sustainable relationships between humans, their environments and (appropriate) technologies.

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women thoughts – pink ladies

thoughts – Sarju Bhanwar Gopal Panwar

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interview with Sarju Bhanwar Gopal Panwar, handicraft designer at Barefoot College, Rajasthan, India.
streaming movie — 04:30

My name is Sarju, I’m 50 years old and I work at Barefoot College since 1981. I lead the handicraft department. I never got a proper training as a designer. I learned everything myself, and now I teach other women. I get my inspiration for the designs out of our daily life. I’ve never seen any books, I work with my imagination.

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relaxation is empowerment too.

A nourishing sunday-morning mask at the choosy juice bar in brussels.
Leave all masks for 15 minutes. Cleanse.

relaxing sunday-morning mask relaxing sunday-morning mask

masque bonne mine:
1 carotte rappée / 1 jaune d’oeuf / 1 cuillère à café de crème fraiche / 1 c à c de huile d’olive.
masque lifting (peau sèche):
2 c à soupe crème fraiche / 1 blanc d’oeuf / ananas en purée.
masque peau grasse:
2 c à c argile verte / 3 c à c yaourt / 1 c à s miel / 1 c à c citron + comcombre sur les yeux.
masque peau sèche:
1/2 banane écrasé / 2 c à c miel / 1 c à c yaourt / 1 c à c huile d’amande douce.

design your own utopia!

Thursday august 7th 2008, we will meet in the conflict room and discuss the pamphlet ‘design your own utopia’. This publication encourages us to rethink our social model on a social, political, economical and philosophical level. A concrete question sheet helps you to sharpen your ideas, values, desires and relationships towards others. It creates a mental space to tune your expectations if you are dreaming about a common something…

utopia womenempowerment democracy future public

reading reference:
Design Your Own Utopia
by Chaz Bufe with Libby Hubbard

ConflictRoom : week #32
Turnhoutsebaan 177 – Borgerhout – Antwerpen

interview with Vasu, facilitator at Barefoot College

Barefoot College has changed a lot compared to 36 years ago when we started. What is applicable in Tilonia – its overall vision – can be replicated anywhere else. In this country and abroad, but it needs a change of mindsets.
We are organized in a disorganized way. We have small committees for different topics. We have the housing committee, the water committee, the salary committee. Salaries can go up and down, depending on your performance. You have also the possibility to evaluate yourself. Poverty, teamwork, gender are all issues coming into play for evaluation. Points are added up, but nobody can get more than 100 U$.
The options are open. The organization is set up as a community so obviously there will always be somebody to run it.

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Nazma Nigam :: Solar Lighting Engineer

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Nazma Nigam. Solar Lighting Engineer.
streaming video — 01:20

From the villagers I heard about a project providing work to illiterate women. When I came here I was scared because I never went to school. But people were I had to leave home early to come to work and traveling was difficult. My in-laws were not liking it as I gave not enough time to my children. After a while they agreed with the fact that I could stay on the campus with my children.
I started at Barefoot as a gardener but I needed more money to raise my kids. In the solar section they were looking for more people to help them with the village solar lighting systems I applied for that department and I started the training.
I followed the complete solar training. They explained me the colors of the circuit and after a while I understood the concept.

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Magan Kawar :: Solar Lighting Engineer.

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Magan Kawar. Solar Lighting Engineer.
streaming video — 01:40

I belong to the Rajput-caste. The Rajput kings and queens were very rich, but there are also poor Rajputs.
My husband got to know about Barefoot College through a village politician and he came here to have a look. He really liked the College approach and he decided to stay. I followed my husband to Barefoot.
I got a lot of reactions from my village people that I wanted to get out of the purdah-system. Rajput woman are supposed to stay their whole life behind the purdah-curtain and are not allowed to see or meet other people. But I decided to go for the training anyway.
My family and my in-laws were afraid I wouldn’t be able to combine work, taking care of the kids and the household. But I convinced them that I would do everything to handle work and family and to manage all my work. And with the support of my husband I started my job at the college.

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DIY solarcooker workshop

Presented as a preview for our upcoming-series
‘creative eco/techno gardening forgirlsandboys’ (2009-…) :
the cook, the artist, the engineer and their urban garden;

OKNO/so-on invites you to participate in the mini-DIY-workshop:

paracuina1.jpg cookit_small.jpg barbacoa_solar.jpg

thursday 24 july 2008 at OKNO, 01pm till 6pm
en petit comité
drinks available, food only if we succeed!
free entrance for women and transgender (boys, be inventive!)

A Solar Cooker is a device that allows you to cook food using the sun’s energy as fuel.

+ Solar cooking is the simplest, safest, most convenient way to cook food without consuming fuels. But for hundreds of millions of people around the world who cook over fires fueled by wood, solar cooking is more than a choice.
+ Moderate cooking temperatures in simple solar cookers help preserve nutrients.
+ Smoke from cooking fires is a major cause of global warming.
+ Many solar cookers are portable, allowing for solar cooking at work sites or while pursuing outdoor activities like picnics, trekking or camping.
+ and so much more … read:

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